Barangay Scholarship - A study grant given to the legitimate children of barangay officials who shall be able to submit all the necessary papers as prescribed by the Local Government Code.

    • A child of a Punong Barangay, the seven elective members of the Sangguniang Barangay(Kagawag), Barangay Treasurer, and the Barangay Secretary [Sec. 390 and Sec. 393 (b)(4)].
    • Must be a resident of a barangay within the Province of Leyte.
    • Not more than 18 years of age at the time of his/her application.
    • A high school graduate whose average grade is 85% or higher.
    • Maintains a Grade Point Averagae (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.
    • Passes the admission requirements of the College where he/she wishes to enroll.
    • Parent’s annual income must not exceed Php72, 000 as reflected in the income tax return of the year immediately preceding the application or a certification under oath from the DSWD that the income of the family is tax exempt or whose electric bill for three consecutive months shows that no single month’s bill has an amount which does exceeds Php1, 000.00, or a certification from the barangay that there is no electricity in the area of residence.
    • Must not enjoy any other scholarship.
    • The scholarship privilege is not applicable to COMED students (BOT Res. #66, s. 2006)
    • Documents needed:
      • a. Certification from the Office of the DILG of the province that the parent of the applicant is a barangay official.
      • b. Birth Certificate authenticated by the NSO.
      • c. Income Tax Return or a certification under oath of the DSWD that the income of the parents is tax exempt.
      • d. Certification of good moral character issued by the Principal or Guidance Counselor of the last school attended.
      • e. Other documents required for admission, duly filled and approved registration from, application for scholarship or its renewal, if appropriate.
    • Conditions and Assistance
      • a. Carry a full study load as prescribed in the curriculum of his/her course.
      • b. Have no failing grade.
      • c. Have a GPA of at least 2.0 during every school term.
      • d. The grant must be limited to only one beneficiary from every family in any school term.
      • e. Not shift to another course during the duration of scholarship or study grant.
      • f. Not have any dropped subject during the previous school term.
      • g. Attend the orientation for barangay scholars during the first semester each school year.

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