“I am a son of a very poor family in Bohol and my sympathy to the poor students like me is always one of my agenda in my mind. How could I be able to help them? Now that I am the President, my desire to help them becomes stronger. Hence, I have the intention… by way of offering evening opportunity programs for the poor students who are working during the day in Palompon and neighboring towns to study in the evening.”

Those were the statements of Dr. Norberto C. Olavides, former PIT Vice President for Administration (VPA), who was formally installed as the 6th PIT President on July 18, 2016 at the gymnasium.

Olavides said he wanted to replicate the practice of Cebu Technological University (CTU) for many years. 

“Initially, in the first year of implementation in the School Year 2018- 2019, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) will be offered and other programs will follow,” he described.

described. Olavides who succeeded immediate PIT President Dr. Delia T. Combista was elected by the PIT Board of Regents to fill the vacuum at the helm. Before he became VPA in 2007-2016, he served as Assistant Director for Extension Services (1994- 1999), Director for Extension Services (2001- 2003), College of Education Dean (2003- 2006), and Vice President for Planning and Development (2006- 2007).

He further said that PIT must get out from its comfort zone. While we have strong linkages and partnerships with the KVNR, the Shipping and Transport College of Rotterdam and the Netherlands Shipping and Training Center, National Nutrition Council with Radyo Kausbawan, private firms and companies, all of these are intended for the OJT of our maritime cadets, industrial technology, shipping management, HRM and AB Com. Students.

He also stressed that PIT will intensify the cooperation and collaboration with research consortia and higher education institutions at least in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries under its integration framework.

- Marthy John Lubiano


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