The Office of Student and Development Services is an educational input that contributes to the transformational process of students in the attainment of their holistic development.

It increases retention, improves distribution of students to curricula, improves morale, aids in the early identification of trouble makers and prevention of discipline problems, improves placement of graduates, improves academic achievement, develops student-leadership and responsible citizenry, fosters a better understanding of students by the faculty and increases goodwill between the students and the staff.


Dr. Sonia A. Pajaron
OSDS Director



The objectives of the Office of Student and Development Services as follows:

  • To provide guidance and counseling services to the students.
  • To enable deserving students avail of scholarship opportunities.
  • To administer testing services for admission and for other purposes.
  • To provide interested students venues of expression for culture and the arts.
  • To conduct training to students who have the physical attributes of promising athletes.
  • To enhance and intensify the journalistic talents, creative critiquing and free expression among them.
  • To supervise all student organizations.
  • To provide training and development programs to students to enhance their leadership skills and competencies.
  • To provide documentation of the Institute’s activities.
  • To provide school ID’s to students, faculty and employees.
  • To institutionalize handling of student disciplinary cases.
  • To enable the poor but deserving students to avail of assistance/labor program.
  • To develop the student affairs workers and
  • To sponsor yearly training and seminars which are opportunities for students’ self-development.

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