PIT Newly Licensed Electrical Engineers and Master Electricians

May 07, 2024 154 PIT Information Office

Our newly licensed Electrical Engineers and Master Electricians paid a visit to the Office of the President on May 6, 2024. They were accompanied by the Dean and Faculty of the College of Technology and Engineering (COTE). Together, they expressed their appreciation to the school for its support by meeting with Dr. Norberto C. Olavides, the College President.

Engr. Reginald Bacquero

Engr. Joeford M. Beltran Jr.

Engr. Franklin Borja Jr.

Engr. Joshua J. Cainghog

Engr. Pacifico James S. Seco

Engr. Ian P. Cuerbo

Engr. James Ray Dayandayan

Engr. Ted C. Diega

Engr. Kyle P. Eulogio

Engr. Jascha O. Phua

Engr. Jonas Carl Vecido

Engr. John Stephen C. Igano

Engr. John Michael Tonino

Engr. Algen Sidillo

Engr. Anthony Dave Tajos

Engr. John Willhelm Sanico

Engr. Paul NiƱo S. Lagare

They are the new 17 Electrical Engineers who recently graduated from PIT. They successfully acquired their licenses in the April 2024 Registered Electrical Engineers (REE) Licensure Examination. We also welcomed 3 new registered Master Electricians.

Your achievements bring honor to PIT. Thank you and we extend our best wishes to all of you!