Registrar's Office


The Office of the College Registrar (OCR) is the repository of all students’ records. It serves as the main frontline service of the College as far as curricular and academic matters are concerned. The Office handles curricular and academic information, student’s registration, evaluation, accreditation, graduation, management of student’s records, and all allied services.

The Office is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the PIT Board of Trustees (PIT-BOT) regarding admission and transfer, accreditation of subjects and all other similar information which are routinely referred to and handled by the Office of the College Registrar.

In order to carry out its mandated function the Office of the College Registrar has personnel/staff assigned to handle the records of the different colleges.

The Office issues transfer credentials, transcript of records, diplomas and certificates on academic documents needed for employment, travel abroad, scholarships grants, board examinations, and other related matters. It also handles applications for completion of incomplete grades (Inc. and 4.0), verification of the academic status of students and graduates, evaluation of students’ records and determination of credits earned for purposes of graduation. The office also sees to it that Institute’s policies, as well as CHED rules and regulations regarding sequence of subjects, course contents, semester load, residence requirements, cross-enrollment, etc. are enforced and properly complied with. The Office also calendars the schedules for evaluation and application for graduation every term, and such schedules are always posted on the bulletin boards in the PIT campus. All records are constantly updated and maintained with utmost confidentiality at the Security File of the Office of the College Registrar.

The Office of the Registrar coordinates with the Office of the President, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and the Vice-President for Administration, the Deans, and the Department Chairpersons of the Institute with regards to the academic activities of students and with the college/department regarding revisions of curricular programs, offering of new courses, etc. Students who wish to verity their academic records are advised to see the personnel in-charge of the college where the student is enrolled. For cases not normally handled by the personnel, students are encouraged to see the College Registrar for proper guidance and advice.

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For inquiries, you may contact the Office of the Registrar's Email at [email protected]