Office of Student Development Services


The Office of Student and Development Services is an educational input that contributes to the transformational process of students in the attainment of their holistic development.

It increases retention, improves the distribution of students to curricula, improves morale, aids in the early identification of trouble makers and prevention of discipline problems, improves the placement of graduates, improves academic achievement, develops student-leadership and responsible citizenry, fosters a better understanding of students by the faculty and increases goodwill between the students and the staff.


A. Guidance


  • Allow student applicants to submit academic credentials through courier
  • Allow applicants to submit scanned copies of basic admission credentials, but with undertaking on the submission of not readily available documents
  • Allow online enrolment
  • Conduct time-bound online entrance examination for applicants
  • Devise mechanisms for a payment system (an alternative to a face-to-face transaction)

Guidance and Counselling:

  • Establish partnership with organizations located where the students are based
  • Conduct remote psychological first aid, tele-counselling, and/or tele-mental health through mobile or landline
  • Conduct remote psychological first aid, tele-counselling, and/or tele-mental health through online platforms (e.g. online/web counselling)


  • Allow online application
  • Accepts online request for certification of no scholarship
  • Facilitate online renewal of student’s scholarship
  • Online information dissemination of student scholarships
  • Accepts and accommodate online inquiries related to scholarship concerns


  • Allow online new and renewal applications of qualified student organizations
  • Facilitate engagement of student leaders for relevant training/development, capability-building activities; Specific dates will be posted soon
    • Student Leader’s Formation Webinar c/o SSG
    • Webinar on Public Speaking c/o SP
    • Webinar on Alcohol and Drug Abuse c/o SSG
    • Online student forum c/o SSG
    • Online SSG election c/o SSG
    • Counterinsurgency c/o SSG
    • Fire Prevention Awareness Webinar c/o SSG
    • National Women’s Month Celebration c/o GAD


  • Conduct Online Tutorials for Beginners and Advance Players in Different Sports Event
  • Conduct Online Physical Fitness Exercise Tutorials-Home Based
  • Proposed Faculty and Employees Fitness Program (Zumba, Badminton, Table Tennis, Etc. – approved in the IATF Standards) (Tentative)
  • Participations on Sports Webinar in Different Sports (Approved by the IATF Standards)- (Tentative)
  • Tentative SIGLAKAS 2021: The New Normal Sports
  • Tentative Regional SCUAA 2021: The New Normal Sports


  • Conduct a virtual tour of student accommodation for men and ladies
  • Introduce the newly-built Bahay Alumni through various online platforms

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For inquiries, you may contact OSDS at (Globe) 0927 439 7674 | (Smart) 0968 259 8584 or Email at [email protected]