The Pre-Selection Test for KVNR starts today

May 13, 2024 258 PIT Information Office

Today marks the first day of the pre-selection test for our third-year maritime students at PIT. Current third-year students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering are presently undergoing the initial phase of their pre-selection examination administered by the Guidance Office in the Speech Laboratory Room.

The pre-selection exam consists of two parts that aimed to evaluate different aspects of students’ abilities. The initial assessment focuses on evaluating soft skills, including interpersonal communication, leadership capabilities, and various other competencies. Meanwhile, the second part of the assessment is set on June 18, 2024, and will take place at PIT Gymnasium.

This examination assists KVNR in identifying students eligible to advance to the second stage of selection which involves interviews with various shipping companies. It is recognized that KVNR is PIT's steadfast ally in advancing our maritime programs.

Best of luck to our future cadets!