Scholarship Program

The institute has various scholarship programs which can be availed of by the students. The revised guidelines for student scholarships were approved per BOT Res. No. 33, s. 2003 and took effect during the first semester, SY 2004 - 2005.

Objectives of the revised PIT Student Scholarships are as follows:

  • To implement within its financial capability all Institute funded scholarship programs for the poor and deserving students.
  • To make the processing and assessment of applicants for scholarship systematic and efficient.
  • To make this financial assistance available to the poor and deserving students;
  • To promote and enhance academic excellence among students; and
  • To make the Institute able to deliver quality education and training and produce quality and competent graduates.

Definition and Scholarship Criteria of Eligibility

General Criteria of Eligibility - This refers to the requirements which are common and applicable to all kinds of scholarship, such as the following:

  • Must be a natural-born Filipino citizen.
  • Must be in good health; and
  • Must be of good moral character.

Duration of Scholarship

All kinds of scholarships/grants shall be valid only for a semester and shall be renewable every semester subject to the compliance or meeting the qualification requirements prescribed for each kind of scholarship.


The following shall be grounds for termination of scholarship/grant:

  • Violation of existing regulations of the school, sexual immorality, dishonesty, use of illegal drugs, and other prohibited acts as determined by the Institute.
  • Failure to maintain the required GWA and other conditions of scholarship entitlement.
  • Violation of the Student’s Code of Conduct.

For inquiries, you may contact the Scholarship Office through E-mail at [email protected]